Elgin Ambulance Base

This was a Lump Sum Contract tendered by United Counties of Leeds & Grenville. The existing Ambulance Base was completely gutted of all finishes, doors & windows and  mechanical & Electrical Services. The existing building saw the end section of 56ft x 50 ft demolished due to site constraints. The remainder of the block building was wrapped with rigid insulation and heavy gauge metal cladding. The old flat precast roof had new wood trusses set on it to provide a area for new insulation well providing a long lasting maintenance free slopped roof system.  The interior garage portion of the building was pressured washed and painted to facilitate a bright working space, new mechanical room and components were also installed. The office & accommodations building section was refurbished with three new washrooms, new kitchen & dining area, new sleeping bunks and study area. The new base should provide many years of service to the dedicated EMS workers whom operate out of it.